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‘Make Things Better’ Initiative

Living Our Purpose with ‘Make Things Better’ Initiative

  March 1, 2023

There’s no doubt NST has a long history in the San Diego community and in the communities in which we do business. Just about everywhere we go, we hear stories of how our company’s founders and previous leaders contributed in…

5 Reasons to Invest in PR Recession

5 Reasons to Invest in PR During a Recession

  January 25, 2023

Recession, depression, economic crisis … whatever the term, pundits have been sounding the alarm over a looming downturn in the U.S. economy, which has started to reverberate through corporate America. And when potential profits are at stake, many organizations begin…

NST Blog Lesson-Learned

Lesson Learned – Come Prepared with Solutions

  January 4, 2023

Everybody makes mistakes … everybody has those days … According to Harvard Business Review (and Hannah Montana) everybody makes mistakes – but they don’t have to be career limiting. No matter your experience level, you’re going to make mistakes in…

Lessons From a Public Affairs Professional Turned PR Pro

Lessons From a Public Affairs Professional Turned PR Pro

  November 14, 2022

Recently, I experienced a huge career shift, both professionally and geographically. After spending a decade working in public affairs in Washington, D.C., I moved west to San Diego, landing at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, an established and innovative public relations firm…

Authentic Connections with your Audience hero image

Authentic Connections with your Audience

  November 9, 2022

The White House recently invited several TikTok influencers with a combined following of more than 67 million to Washington D.C. in an effort to encourage young voters to turn out to the polls ahead of the election on November 8th….

NST Blog Company Culture

Good People + Good Culture = Good for Your Bottom Line

  October 25, 2022

When people ask about your company, you may jump to share details on a big campaign you launched, media coverage secured, or an epic website redesign. But let’s not overlook who, made all of those big successes possible – the…

Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

  October 7, 2022

¡Salud por la celebración de las culturas hispanas! Siempre debemos celebrar la belleza de las culturas hispanas, pero este mes es un buen mes para empezar. Cheers to the celebration of Hispanic cultures! It is always important to celebrate the…

Finding the Right Internship – A How to Guide

Finding the Right Internship – A How to Guide

  September 13, 2022

Public relations students hear time and time again about the importance of internships. Like any industry, internships play an important role in the PR world. Not only do they provide you with hands-on experience, but they also create opportunities to…

extroverts are bad listeners?

Listening in the Workplace – Easier Said Than Done

  September 2, 2022

I’m an extrovert, which means people (especially in business) often assume I’m a terrible listener. In the corporate world, extroverts can be viewed as blunt, assertive, action-oriented and self-centered. These traits can cause coworkers to perceive extroverts as inauthentic, especially…

Why Your Business Should Start a Podcast

Is This Thing On? – Why Your Business Should Start a Podcast

  August 16, 2022

As a business, hosting your own podcast can grow your relevancy by increasing exposure and strengthening relationships with your existing and target audiences. A podcast can also help differentiate you from competitors, increase brand loyalty, and provide additional content that…

NST Takes on Plastic Free July

NST Takes on Plastic Free July

  August 10, 2022

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These three words have been drilled into our heads since elementary school and continue to be at the forefront of conversations around the “plastics problem.” When juggling our busy daily routines, it can be hard to make…

Influencer Marketing

Is it time for an influencer strategy?

  July 29, 2022

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm and organizations that may have dismissed the idea of engaging with influencers are now likely contemplating which social media star can help elevate their brand. According to Oracle, 37% of consumers trust…


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