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Lessons From a Public Affairs Professional Turned PR Pro

Lessons From a Public Affairs Professional Turned PR Pro

  November 14, 2022

Recently, I experienced a huge career shift, both professionally and geographically. After spending a decade working in public affairs in Washington, D.C., I moved west to San Diego, landing at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, an established and innovative public relations firm…

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Create Action: 5 Tips to Effectively Communicate with Elected Officials

  August 11, 2021

Advocating in the government arena, be it local, state or federal, can be challenging. Elected officials, and their staff, are inundated with numerous tasks and requests daily, making it difficult to break through the noise and secure a meeting. When…

Cultivating Genuine Engagement with Elected Leaders

  August 6, 2019

While most of California’s local elected officials serve only as part-time mayors and councilmembers, they are responsible for representing the interests of thousands of their fellow citizens and must educate themselves on a wide-range of policy issues. The challenge of…


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