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5 Reasons to Invest in PR Recession

5 Reasons to Invest in PR During a Recession

  January 25, 2023

Recession, depression, economic crisis … whatever the term, pundits have been sounding the alarm over a looming downturn in the U.S. economy, which has started to reverberate through corporate America. And when potential profits are at stake, many organizations begin…

basic relationships

Public Relations 101: Building and Maintaining Relationships

  May 26, 2021

As public relations professionals, one question we get a lot is, “what is public relations?” If you’ve watched any TV show or movie, your idea of PR is probably based off Samantha Jones from Sex and The City or Olivia…


COVID-19 and the Broadcast Media

  February 18, 2021

As the world turned upside-down in 2020, your local morning show probably started to shift from interviews filled with glitz and glam to individuals of all industries Zooming in from their living rooms. The broadcast media, typically in the thick…

How to Make a National Media Story Work Locally

  September 23, 2019

Public relations professionals often hope a local story they are pitching makes national news. On some occasions, the opposite situation presents itself and we are challenged to make a national story work locally in order to be more effective at…

[Media] Pitch Perfect

  August 15, 2019

Important things to remember when formulating your pitch As communications professionals, we understand the importance of a strong media pitch and outreach plan. In today’s information-heavy world, it’s important for organizations to set themselves apart by expanding their reach and…

Making the Most of an On-Location Media Event

  April 10, 2019

On behalf of NST client, the Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program (CPDPP), our team is charged with the Herculean task of educating roughly 40 million California residents about a deadly citrus tree disease called Huanglongbing (HLB) and the pest…


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