[Media] Pitch Perfect

Important things to remember when formulating your pitch

As communications professionals, we understand the importance of a strong media pitch and outreach plan. In today’s information-heavy world, it’s important for organizations to set themselves apart by expanding their reach and redefining their approach to creating the perfect pitch.

Research shows Americans spend 10-and-a-half hours per day consuming media on their televisions, radios, computers and smartphones. Finding where your target audience spends their time will help prioritize where you should focus your efforts for media coverage.

We’ve listed three important factors that you should remember when formulating a media pitch. By prioritizing your goals, you can increase your chances of securing an interview or article placement for your organization or client.

Relevancy – If you are planning to pitch several outlets, using the same pitch might not yield successful results. It is important the content you are pitching be relevant to that outlet, its audience and the reporter. For example, if you’re planning a pitch to a print magazine, tailoring your content to match the topics featured on their editorial calendar can provide you with an excellent opportunity to produce an on-topic, relevant and timely piece.

Impact – Adapting your pitch to highlight the newsworthy impact your story will have per outlet can show a reporter you are knowledgeable about the audience you are trying to reach. When writing your pitch, think: “how will this story affect the readers, viewers or listeners of this publication?” Always try to convey that your content is both relevant to the outlet and has a strong, meaningful impact – not just for your client.

Structure – Structuring your pitch in a way that is easy for the journalist, influencer or editor to absorb may increase your chances of earning coverage. Be sure to include the “who, what, where, when and why” of your story. Lastly, always include a call to action. What is the goal of your pitch? Letting reporters know what your desired next steps are may help in earning coverage. Be clear and concise. Publications can receive dozens, even hundreds of pitches a day, make sure yours stands out!

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