Mary Correia-Moreno

Recognizing our Leaders – Mary Correia-Moreno

At Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, we’ve set our sights on redefining public relations. While so much has changed over the last four decades, at NST one thing has remained constant – each of our agency leaders, past and present, have been at the forefront of redefining the role of public relations. In celebration of the agency’s 47th anniversary, we’re highlighting our current leaders who continue to push the status quo of what is considered “traditional PR.”

NST Executive Vice President of Operations and Partner Mary Correia-Moreno is the leadership team member with the longest ties to the San Diego PR community. She’s also the first to laugh at your joke, the first to dance along when her favorite jam comes on, and the first to raise her hand when a volunteer is needed. For all these fun reasons, and many more structurally important ones, Mary is the backbone of NST. She ensures the agency’s future is aligned with NST’s vision of redefining PR and that our people, programs and processes are the best in the industry.

Since joining NST in 2002, Mary has played a key role in maintaining continuity as the agency and the PR industry have evolved through the years. Her perspective not only provides a unique lens to the leadership team but also a clear understanding of our goals as an agency and the path that will lead us there.

Mary recognizes the value in a broad range of expertise and experience that allows NST team members to be true counselors on nearly all facets of our clients’ business – from sales and marketing to business development and counseling the C-suite. Her careful, curated approach to bringing on new team members and facilitating their growth through mentorship and opportunity has resulted in an expansive range of credentials, qualifications and backgrounds that together make NST who we are. In short, Mary ensures we hire the best people, keep them motivated and happy, and arm them with everything they need to learn, grow and succeed.

“Mary does a great job of making sure our team members are being heard and are taken care of,” says Price Adams, NST executive vice president and partner. “That is a huge part of ensuring our culture continues to carry on and the agency thrives.”

Day-to-day Mary wears many hats, overseeing accounting, compliance, employee benefits, partner relations, community involvement, professional development and continuing education, and other building blocks of the agency. She adds tremendous value to NST by marrying internal execution and structure for the staff with a sound understanding of the PR industry and client needs.

“Mary brings a different skillset and professionalism to the agency that is invaluable and not duplicated with anyone else,” said Teresa Siles, NST president.

In addition to her client work, supporting organizations such as Capstone Advisors and the Downtown San Diego Partnership, she’s also the agency liaison to the various college and university PR programs that are educating the next generation of public relations professionals. Mary volunteers her time with each of the local programs, sharing her connections and expertise through individual speaking engagements and panel sessions. In further support of PR students locally, Mary manages the agency’s internship program, working closely with schools to understand the needs of their students and facilitating internships that deliver invaluable hands-on practice and real-world experience working at NST.

At the core of NST is a set of values that dictate the decisions we make and how we do business. Mary has long been a fundamental contributor to these guiding principles, and she personally models the agency’s values in the way she manages daily operations, explores ways for the agency to improve, and provides the individual support each of us needs to grow in our careers and in support of our clients.

If your company wants to learn more about NST’s commitment to redefining PR and the team that is making it happen, please reach out.