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About Us

Our Team

We’re a team dedicated to partnering with clients to help them achieve their goals and produce measurable results. Beyond PR practitioners, we’re also a group of runners, summit seekers, theater lovers and musicians united by our shared commitment to our company values and a strategy-first approach.

Our Values

Strong values, along with our vision to redefine PR, guide our firm day in and day out. When decisions need to be made, these are the principles that guide us:

  • Help people discover things they wouldn’t see on their own
  • Produce the highest quality work with the cards you’re dealt
  • Respect, support and be willing to lend a hand
  • Do what’s right – right is right and wrong is wrong
  • Manage expectations and deliver on your commitments
  • Be candid but know when to step back and be supportive
  • Be respectful of other points of view
  • Balance hard work, fun and the needs of each individual
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Career Opportunities

At NST, we believe passionate people produce great work. Our team is made up of sports enthusiasts, pop culture authorities, book lovers, fashion experts and outdoor adventurers. We approach all client work strategically, creatively and with enthusiasm. We enjoy thinking big, but aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get things done. We believe in balancing hard work and fun, doing what’s right, being collaborative yet candid and getting stuff done. We strive to live our values every day.

If you are the type of person who hates collaborating with coworkers, and detests award-winning work, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker may not be the place for you. But if all that doesn’t sound half bad and you want to join our team, view the job openings below or submit inquiries to resumes@nstpr.com.

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Current Team Member Openings

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Our History

The journey to modern-day Nuffer, Smith, Tucker began in 1974 when Dave Nuffer and Bob Smith opened a political campaign firm and special-projects division of San Diego-based advertising agency Phillips-Ramsey. Their first client was the Dairy Council of California, and the men got to work pitching, creating, communicating and building relationships that still exist to this day.

The agency grew quickly and soon NST was a diverse group of professionals providing comprehensive services to clients throughout California. Kerry Tucker joined the team in 1981 and remains part of the NST family serving clients in the agri-food space.

From 2000 to December 2016, the agency was led by Bill Trumpfheller, a zealous champion of local nonprofit organizations, universities and businesses. NST’s ties to the San Diego community grew even deeper through Bill’s tenure at the agency. His passing in 2016 left a memory that current NSTers strive to honor every day.

In 2020, Teresa Siles, Mary Correia-Moreno and Price Adams acquired the firm, overseeing a busy team of writers, designers, marketers, creatives and communicators. The NST team continues to build on the legacy led by Dave, Bob, Kerry and Bill.

Our History

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