Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Celebrates National Agriculture Day, March 20

Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Celebrates National Agriculture Day, March 20

Every year, National Agriculture Day recognizes and celebrates the contributions of the agriculture industry – a sector near and dear to our hearts at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker.

While organizations from a variety of industries have benefited from NST’s knowledge and discipline, we have built a business around a coast-to-coast agricultural clientele, and we still have our first client, Dairy Council of California, who has been with us since even before our doors opened 40 years ago. NST is also the architect of Food Foresight, the world’s first trends intelligence system designed for the agri-food chain. To all the men, women and families who help grow, harvest and bring to market our country’s food, we thank you for your contributions and are honored to be in your company.

NST has the pleasure of being located in California – the country’s largest agricultural producer and exporter – and has worked with many different commodity marketing boards, agri-food companies, industry trade associations and companies located in the state.

In 2017, the California State Board of Food and Agriculture tapped NST to guide the board in updating its vision for California agriculture. During the process, NST worked with California’s leading figures in the agri-food space to articulate agriculture’s contribution to society at large. The result was a purpose-statement that we couldn’t agree more with:

Making California a better place to live because of what we grow and how we grow it.

Purpose-driven organizations – or in this case the entire agricultural sector in the golden state – can’t be manufactured and must be rooted in authenticity. In our view, there could be no better industry well suited for a purpose statement than agriculture and on National Agriculture Day, we tip our hats to food and agricultural colleagues.