Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn

Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn, the platform’s mission is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. And while it’s undoubtedly known that LinkedIn is the chosen social media network for professional use, are people actually using it to make their work life more productive?

LinkedIn can be an ideal outlet to build strong, professional relationships with your current clients, coworkers, the media and industry thought leaders, but many are only using it to post their resume and update their current job title. Like any networking opportunity – no matter if it’s in person or online – the effort you put into it will mirror the benefits you’ll get out of it. LinkedIn is a social media platform that requires consistent and thoughtful engagement.

At NST, we consider it a valuable tool that will ultimately help establish your credibility and trust with those in your professional community. We’ve put together the following recommendations that detail how to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest extent, while helping you build meaningful relationships with your network. We want to help you make your LinkedIn work for you!

Perfect Your Profile

Customizing your LinkedIn profile to align with your personal brand, and highlighting the values you prioritize in the workplace will help clearly define who you are as a professional. Your profile is a key component of your presence on LinkedIn. Use your profile to showcase your professional skills, your personal passions and feature some of your best work.

  • Your profile picture is like your virtual handshake. Make sure it’s clear, professional and uniquely you.
  • Use your banner image to showcase something personal. Whether it’s your alma mater or your favorite place to travel, show your connections a piece of who you are. Mine is my favorite spot in San Diego, Sunset Cliffs.
  • It’s easy to resort to talking about your past experience on LinkedIn. However, while it’s acceptable to use past tense when talking about your previous jobs, liven up your ‘About Me’ section or your ‘Experience’ section by summarizing your current position and tying in the new skills you’ve learned while at your current job. Be sure to use the present tense!

Engage Your Newsfeed

Your LinkedIn network shouldn’t be limited to the people you connect with on LinkedIn. You can follow thought leaders and influencers in the industries that you work in, while engaging with your connections on a regular basis.

Connecting with clients or the media on LinkedIn can also be a great way for you to build rapport. Show them – and the rest of your connections – what you’re working on in a way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. In addition, using your LinkedIn profile to keep up with what your connections have been up to can be a great way to foster client relationships and stay up to date on the latest trends.

Use LinkedIn to Learn

LinkedIn offers its users the option to explore on-demand courses that will help refresh and refine certain skills that you’re most interested in. Through personalized course recommendations from LinkedIn, based on data-driven insights, you’ll have direct access to the latest business, technology and creative skills courses that are designed to help you reach your full potential.

At NST, we work to ensure all our clients and partners are utilizing their social media channels to maximize impact and reach. If you’re looking for a partner that can guide your organization through social media strategy, connect with us!