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The Perks of User-Generated Content

In the digital age, anyone with access to social media or other online platforms can be a content creator. Social media content can be genuine and authentic because users are willing to speak candidly about brands, products or services. User-generated content (UGC) takes many shapes and forms and can consist of photos, videos, audio or text on a public platform that is likely not associated with a brand.

While content can range from a social media post to a third-party review, UGC evokes an individual’s strong feeling toward what a brand has to offer. UGC is something brands should not only monitor but make a part of their conversation.

Numerous brands are incorporating UGC in their content strategies as the consumer response speaks for itself. According to a study conducted by Wyng/Offerpop, brands utilizing UGC have seen an 88% increase in social media engagement, 29% higher web conversions and 25% higher ad performance. UGC creates a snowball effect for content that keeps your target audience wanting more.

How can it be used?

While monitoring buzz around your brand, repurposing UGC can serve as new way to showcase your brand and create brand advocates. Highlighting consumers using your product or service organically can invite other consumers to connect with your brand.

Your brand can simply share users’ content on your online platforms via social media or harvest a two-way conversation by providing a call to action, promoting a hashtag, building a campaign or even creating a contest that requires consumers to create content using your brand’s products or services.

Before your brand begins to utilize UGC you must obtain permission from the user. This process is not complicated and can be done by reaching out to the user and requesting permission via a comment, direct message, etc. Although a simple process, having a user grant your brand permission to share their content will save time and money down the road as you take proper steps to avoid potential legal issues.

More than just surface-level content

Among the many perks of UGC, your brand can get an idea of where your target audiences are most active online, how and where they are using your product, or better yet, find an unexpected audience engaging with your brand. UGC allows you to experiment with different types of content while tapping into your consumers for new ideas on how to show off different aspects of your brand.

UGC can help save on your marketing budget while still visually showcasing your brand in a unique way. Your messaging can spread with genuine enthusiasm across your audiences and in turn, strengthen your brand community. Connecting with your consumers while building an online community can churn out a collaborative credibility for your brand.

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