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NST Team at the Bernays Awards

NST Wins Seven Edward L. Bernays Mark of Excellence Awards in 2019

  December 5, 2019

As a result of its strategic and comprehensive approach to public relations, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker was recently recognized with seven honors at the 2019 Edward L. Bernays Mark of Excellence Awards Ceremony: A Black & White Affair on Nov. 7….

[Media] Pitch Perfect

  August 15, 2019

Important things to remember when formulating your pitch As communications professionals, we understand the importance of a strong media pitch and outreach plan. In today’s information-heavy world, it’s important for organizations to set themselves apart by expanding their reach and…

Fyre Festival and the Power of Influencers

Fyre Festival and the Power of Influencers

  January 28, 2019

Like the rest of the country, I’ve been drawn to the spectacle of the Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix. I wasn’t as familiar with the catastrophe of the “festival that never was,” so I was shocked at each…

Data Breach Equals Trust Breach

Data Breach Equals Trust Breach

  March 29, 2018

We live in a confusing time when it comes to data privacy and security. While many of us want more protection and security, surveys have shown that people are willing to give that up if they understand the end benefit…

nst hero

Variety is the Spice of Agency Life

  March 7, 2018

When I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2016, I had the vision of landing a corporate or nonprofit public relations job because I wanted to be passionate about the work I was doing. Fast forward to now, and here I…


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