onal Branding in a Digital World

Personal Branding in a Digital World

Ensure your personal brand reflects your goals both online and in-person

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have moved from working in-person to remotely and have relied more heavily on personal websites and social media networks to receive and share information. This shift to virtual also means our social profiles have grown in importance as tools for communicating our personal brand. If you look at your social profiles right now, what do you think are the top three things people will think of you? Do these perceptions align with the goals you have?

Personal branding is the intentional effort to communicate your uniqueness and your expertise, to build your reputation and influence people’s perception of you. Like companies, individuals also have their own brand that requires thoughtful development and management to ensure it aligns with their broader goals.

Personal branding is critical. It gives us added credibility outside of our degrees and professional experience. Our online brands showcase these achievements and go one step further in articulating our expertise and our passions.

Let’s break down a couple of steps you can take to develop and manage a successful brand that furthers your goals.

Do a self-audit

Reflect on these questions: Where does my expertise lie? What are my values? What are my short and long-term goals? Go further and question, are you well-traveled? Are you passionate about sustainability? Do you volunteer for a specific organization regularly?  Find your unique story to state what sets you apart.

For example, if you’re the founder of a startup healthcare company looking to increase name recognition for yourself and your company, take the time to solidify how you want to be perceived. What experiences have led you to create this company? What does healthcare mean to you? What is the mission, vision and purpose behind your company and what does it say about you personally?

Share your expertise and achievements

Your degrees, certification, professional and personal experiences all give you credibility. While you don’t literally have to include your resume in all your online platforms, when developing your personal brand, you should share your accolades to let people know why they should trust you, your company and your advice. In a time of fake news and misinformation, it’s more important than ever to be very explicit about what you know and how you know it.

Live your brand

Live your brand with clarity, consistency, and confidence. Be sure your values and personality stay true to what you claim and aspire to be. Always align your brand to your actions and vice versa, as your brand should stay consistent in your communication and appearance online and offline.

For example, if you’ve created an online brand that portrays you as a health-focused vegetarian, you don’t want to run into social media followers in-person while eating a steak. Your personal brand should be an authentic portrayal of who you are.

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