NST Leadership

NST Under New Ownership

Dear NST Client Partners and Friends,

We’re writing to let you know about an important change at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker – one that we had hoped to share with greater celebration and fanfare. As of March 13, NST is under new ownership. Together, we – Teresa Siles, Mary Correia-Moreno and Price Adams – as the current leadership team recently acquired the firm from Nola Trumpfheller.

As you know, the world has fundamentally changed in the last few weeks as the result of the COVID-19. An air of fear, uncertainty and somberness fills the air so much so that we considered holding this news to a later time. After careful consideration about what the new ownership means to us, we decided now is not the time to hold back. Rather, it’s a time to come together with transparency, candor and a spirt of perseverance.

NST is a 45-year-old institution – and that doesn’t happen by accident. Our past and future success stems from our ability to stay firmly rooted in our values, while embracing a spirit of continual evolution and organizational agility. These principles, and an unwavering commitment to client success, have always and will continue to guide us not only during these trying times but also for the next 45 years.

Practically speaking, we do not see any immediate changes for our client partners as a result of the new ownership. We have a tenure at NST ranging from 15 to 18 years. Together, we are intimately familiar with all aspects of the business, which was acquired from Nola who became the sole owner upon the passing of her husband and previous sole owner, Bill, in 2016. Since then, Nola has relied on the new ownership to run all aspects of the business from client partnerships, community involvement and new business development to personnel and financial matters. Here’s what she had to say:

“Teresa, Mary and Price have been at the helm of NST for several years during a time of transition for the firm – and they didn’t skip a beat,” said Nola. “They have not only maintained strong relationships with their clients and team, and brought on new client partners, but have also served as good stewards of the Nuffer, Smith, Tucker brand in the San Diego region and I’m confident that will continue.”

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Please know that while ownership has changed, our commitment to our team, community and client partners has not. Like you, we are hunkering down to take care of what matters, including our families at home and at the agency. Together, we will get through this and we look forward to raising a glass with you in the near future.


Teresa Siles

Mary Correia-Moreno
Executive Vice President

Price Adams
Executive Vice President