Benefiting from PR Industry Collaboration

Collaboration plays an important role in the success of any business, and while it generally happens among coworkers and allies, rarely does it happen among industry peers who may be seen as competition – Worldcom Public Relations Group is an exception.

Worldcom Public Relations Group is the largest and oldest partnership of independent agencies in the world and includes a global network of 132 partner agencies in more than 115 cities. NST joined the Worldcom Public Relations Group in 1992, and since then the partnership allows our agency to tap into local expertise, knowledge and contacts in virtually every region of the world on behalf of our clients.

While leveraging a global network for our clients is truly a benefit of being a Worldcom partner, an equally important advantage is the ability to collaborate with like-minded public relations professionals on matters such as agency best practices, operational procedures, new business opportunities, sharing key learnings, and in the current environment, discussing best practices and recommendations for communication in uncertain times.

As COVID-19 spread across the world, collaboration with Worldcom partners was immediate. The organization was instrumental in leading communications and engaging partners to share their experiences so others could learn from those in countries already impacted by the virus. These discussions were significant in helping guide our responses for clients across a range of industries for both internal and external stakeholder communications and action plans.

In a world where competition thrives, having access to other agencies who are eager to share ideas and expertise to help our agency grow, move forward and provide the best council to our clients has proven invaluable. Partners not only serve as a sounding board and support system but have become lifelong friends making us all #WorldcomStrong.