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Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Selects Nutrition and Food Insecurity as Focus for ‘Make Things Better’ Initiative

Celebrating 50 years of community engagement, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker (NST) enters the second year of its companywide charitable initiative, Make Things Better, with a newly dedicated cause: nutrition and food insecurity.

NST’s Make Things Better initiative, launched in 2023, follows a three-pronged approach: an umbrella program designed to live the company’s purpose; annual plans that allow the agency to support causes the team deems important; and backing for individual team members to support causes that matter to them. The annual philanthropic cause for 2024 was determined by NST employees, who recognize the immediate impact nutrition and food insecurity has on the well-being of the San Diego community.

This year, NST’s primary philanthropic partner for its Make Things Better initiative is the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. NST will partner with the food bank to address nutrition and food insecurity throughout the region and foster positive community change through targeted initiatives supporting the food bank and its non-profit partners. NST’s efforts aim to improve access to nutritious food, promote community well-being and combat hunger in the region.

“The selection of the 2024 initiative was almost universally chosen by our team, which sees it as a way to make a positive impact on the well-being of our fellow San Diegans,” said Teresa Siles, president and partner of NST. “What’s more, our history working with food and agricultural organizations and in tracking food and health trends has taught us that the goal is not only ensuring people have food – but ensuring they have access to nutritious food for good health and wellness.”

To learn more about NST’s Make Things Better initiative, as well as the partnership with the San Diego Food Bank, please visit