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The California dairy community not only provides nutritious dairy foods to people across the globe, but it also helps elevate health through nutrition education efforts and the promotion of healthy eating patterns – and the organization relies on support from dairy farmers and processors to do its good work. Since 1974, NST has been tasked with regularly engaging the dairy community to showcase the value of Dairy Council of California to create a successful industry well into the future.


NST regularly engages dairy and agricultural media on topics of relevance to the dairy community. Much of this work is centered on thought-leader positioning of Dairy Council of California’s chief executive officer. NST collaborates with the CEO to provide regular bylined columns on topics such as nutrition trends and health research, agricultural literacy, sustainable nutrition, health equity and nutrition security. This work is leveraged as part of a larger advocacy strategy with the dairy community and through a network of partners who work together to elevate health. NST also provides strategic counsel to the CEO on matters related to industry, crisis communication and more. Throughout the years, NST has also been engaged in special projects including media training, trends analysis and organizational development.


70% of members surveyed recognize the value provided by Dairy Council of California’s industry contributions
Articles and bylines exceeded coverage from similar and national organizations and are message driven

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Media Relations, Creative Services


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