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Fyre Festival and the Power of Influencers

Fyre Festival and the Power of Influencers

  January 28, 2019

Like the rest of the country, I’ve been drawn to the spectacle of the Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix. I wasn’t as familiar with the catastrophe of the “festival that never was,” so I was shocked at each…

Twitter Talk

Twitter Talk

  December 17, 2018

The popularity of the Twitter meme took off in 2018. Twitter memes are tweet formats used by multiple accounts and are intended to relate to an audience, and usually make them laugh. Twitter users and popular brands such as Pop-Tarts, Target and others use this trend to generate engagement and entertain their followers. They take popular meme formats and change the wording to better fit their brand or products. This high engagement can result in social media success—but can brands become successful on Twitter by using humor and memes?


Big Changes on Social Media

  March 23, 2018

Social media platforms are constantly searching for the elusive advertising balance that keeps users, influencers and brands happy. Recently, several social media sites have made major changes that will significantly impact influencers and their brand partners. Take a look below…


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