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Adriana Villa

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If you don’t get out there and try to solve your own problems, it’s never going to change. – Dolores Huerta

Adriana Villa is an account coordinator at NST who got her start as an NST intern. As a Latina PR professional, Adriana brings a unique perspective and set of skills to her client work. With a deep understanding of the diverse and complex landscape of LatinX culture, Adriana effectively navigates this market and helps clients reach this important demographic. Adriana is passionate about continuous learning and is always willing to learn a new skill. She is also graduate student, so you can always catch her with a latte (or several) in hand.

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We Asked Adriana …

What’s your favorite tool in the toolbox?

As someone who is launching my career, I believe your mentors can be the best tool. Asking for advice or simply observing your mentors and those around you will help you keep growing as a professional.

What have you learned so far in your career?

There isn’t always one “right” way to do everything. It is all a matter of perspective and what works best for your team, client and project.

What’s your proudest PR moment?

My proudest PR moment is figuring out the balance between work life and grad school life.

Where can we find you outside of work?

On most days you can find me doing homework. #Gradstudentlife You can also find me spending time with my friends and family.

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