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Aaron Blomberg

Digital Media Manager  /  Chief Nerd

The more you have to do, the more you accomplish. – Dad

Aaron Blomberg has been developing websites since the early aughts. WordPress websites are this whiz kid’s bread and butter, but unsurprisingly, he speaks all the programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, are just a few). He has a strong passion for audio and video projects (all that time playing and writing music lends itself nicely to his day job) and our clients love him for his ability to provide technical oversight and digital project trainings from a place of unparalleled expertise.

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We Asked Aaron …

What’s your favorite tool in the toolbox?

As a developer, the most important tools are the web communities I participate in to discuss coding examples, tips and tricks and how to help others grow in their careers. My top three: GitHub, stack overflow and codepen.

What have you learned so far in your career?

Never stop exploring. If you’ve successfully done something in the past, it doesn’t mean that’s the solution for something in the future. Keep iterating. Keep pushing to make it better.

What’s your proudest digital development moment?

Honestly, my finest moment is yet to come. I never stop learning. When a project is done, I revisit it. I ask myself what worked and what didn’t. I never think my job is done. So, my proudest moment; it hasn’t happened yet, but I'm proud of my journey to keep improving.

Where can we find you outside of work?

You can find me spending time with my wife, pets and extended family. I also love independent films, watching the Golden State Warriors do their thing, and exploring San Diego music venues to support local and touring musicians.

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