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Milton’s Craft Bakers’ Sweet Crackers Product Introduction

The Challenge

To announce their new sweet crackers, Milton’s Craft Bakers tasked Nuffer, Smith, Tucker with generating awareness of the product line and also promoting brand engagement amongst consumers.

The Tactics

After thorough research, NST determined the best way to reach potential consumers of Milton’s Craft Bakers’ Sweet Crackers was through a blogger campaign. NST developed a targeted list of U.S.-based "mommy" and female food bloggers who were determined to be the most beneficial partners for Milton’s. Each blogger was sent an invitation to sample and review the new sweet crackers, as well as host a giveaway for their readers. After conducting diligent follow up, posts went live at the same time as products were rolling out to grocery stores.

The Results

  • 22 blog posts with positive sentiment were secured during the three-month campaign.
  • 1.3 million impressions were generated through blog posts.
  • 1,398 new fans were added to the Milton’s Facebook page.
  • 364 new Twitter followers were gained to the Milton’s handle.

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