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Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program Statewide Awareness Campaign

The Challenge

NST spearheaded an outreach campaign focused on a small but dangerous pest called the Asian citrus psyllid, which spreads a deadliest citrus disease in the world called Huanglongbing (HLB). With disease detections escalating at exponential rates in recent years, the state’s $3.4 billion citrus industry is at risk. NST’s goal was to encourage the public to take the necessary steps to save California’s iconic citrus.

The Tactics

NST utilizes a variety of unique strategies and tactics to manage homeowner, industry and elected official communications, including:

  • Dedicated websites for industry members and homeowners
  • Public service announcements and audio news releases
  • Billboards, movie theater and radio ads
  • Utility bills and doorhangers
  • Collateral creation and distribution
  • Elected official collaboration and education
  • Hyperlocal event participation
  • Social media outreach
  • Heavy media relations
  • Trade show attendance

The Results

  • From October 2017 to June 2019, CPDPP’s outreach and education campaign secured an estimated 171 million total impressions
  • The industry website, was rehauled to become modern and mobile-friendly
  • 492 media stories garnered 59.7 million estimated impressions
  • Advertisements were designed in-house, and paid digital, print, radio and movie theater advertising totaled 34 million impressions
  • A PSA was broadcasted more than 2,200 times, earning more than 79 million impressions and 30-second radio ad campaigns aired 1,091 spots
  • Attended eight community events in cities impacted by HLB or near HLB detections
  • Refreshed and reinvigorated CPDPP branding on all collateral materials and distributed 87,152 pieces of literature
  • Designed and distributed 46,500 doorhangers and utility bills in areas with high HLB detections
  • Attended industry trade shows and educated citrus growers, packers, pest control advisers and other industry members about HLB
  • Held seminars and meetings for members of the citrus industry to discuss HLB activities

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