Kerry Tucker, Chief Strategic Counsel

Kerry is a strategy guy. He created one of the country’s first issue anticipation system followed by the first behavioral framework for the public relations field, both captured in a textbook adopted by hundreds of colleges and universities all over the world. He also co-founded Food Foresight, a trends intelligence system for the agri-food chain and serves on a number of university boards. He spends most of his professional life helping companies decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Family life revolves around wife Linda and three children some would consider grown – one an Orange County kindergarten teacher, another a Carlsbad public affairs consultant and stay-at-home mom, and the third, a professional baseball player and co-founder of Smoked6, a custom wood baseball bat company. Four grandchildren and a yellow lab round out the Tucker family.

On Exploration

"Exploration to me is founded on two of our company’s core values: First, ‘helping people discover things they wouldn’t see on their own’ and with that ‘making a difference with the cards we’re dealt.’"