UC San Diego Transportation Services Research


Nuffer, Smith, Tucker and Market Enhancement Group Inc. (MEG) were hired to gauge overall stakeholder opinions of UCSD’s transportation system. In-person and phone interviews were conducted to determine opinions about the current level of transportation services, and to find out whether students, faculty and staff understood the problems facing the department and what solutions they would like to see. NST and MEG surveyed 500 stakeholders, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff.

All stakeholder groups surveyed expressed strong satisfaction with the UCSD Transportation Department and the current level of services. All groups overwhelmingly believed the department helps to reduce traffic in and around the campus, and helps to support the school’s mission of finding green transportation alternatives. The stakeholders also believed the current funding problems stem from a lack of revenue rather than from department mismanagement. The groups were also very worried about the cuts the department faced and what they mean to the future of transportation services. There was no support for large general cuts and general fee increases. Instead, all groups agreed UCSD would find broad support in implementing changes to existing transportation programs combined with minimal cuts.


Research results were used to support recommended changes that were presented to the chancellor for review.

Transportation committee was pleased with the handling of the research and the ability to draw strong conclusions from the data.