Tijuana Press Conference Announces Greatbatch Expansion in Mexico


Greatbatch, a New York-based medical manufacturing firm, turned to NST in 2014 to help announce its expansion into Mexico. The expansion of the company’s manufacturing would result in approximately 450 new jobs and demonstrate to the Mexican government – and the people of Tijuana – that they are viewed as a strong economic partner. For a city that has often struggled with bad publicity, this was welcome news that demonstrated Mexico’s value, and the announcement needed to be broadly communicated to the community and business leaders in Tijuana.

Through meetings with the NST team, messaging was finalized, press conference logistic details were established, and all of the desired elected officials and key community leaders were identified to participate in the event. NST recommended using an empty manufacturing space within the existing Greatbatch facility as the venue for the press conference.

Keeping the announcement quiet until just days before the event kept communication clear, controlled rumors and in turn, enabled Greatbatch to highlight the significance of this investment and expansion to existing Greatbatch employees in Mexico, to local Tijuana economic development officials and to government officials anxious to demonstrate an economic win for their region.


All major Tijuana television stations and print publications covered the press conference, earning more than 20 media placements in key Tijuana daily news outlets and television programs, reaching hundreds of thousands of Tijuana residents.

Major elected officials including the governor of Baja and mayor of Tijuana as well as Tijuana economic development officials attended the event.

Greatbatch leadership commented on how well the event positioned their company for the expansion and met all their objectives.