The WD-40 Last Straw Tour


For 55 years, the only consistent complaint about WD-40 Multi-Use Product revolved around end-users losing its little red straw, so WD-40 Company designed the WD-40 Smart Straw can, which has the straw permanently attached.

Recognizing this would be the "last straw" consumers will ever need, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker developed the WD-40 Last Straw campaign, which included a mobile marketing tour to create awareness about the WD-40 Smart Straw, reinforce consumer need for the product, and begin a long-term dialogue with consumers about ways to use it regularly.

NST helped create an interactive Mobile Versatility Center that traveled the U.S. on a mobile marketing tour to 54 Lowe’s retail locations, state fairs and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. The WD-40 Ultimate Work Truck that pulled the Mobile Versatility Center was built on Spike TV’s PowerBlock show "Xtreme 4X4." NST leveraged a partnership it negotiated with Rebuilding Together to participate in a cause marketing initiative that supported the product’s "more uses" messaging and allowed campaign partners to refurbish a home, which also aired on PowerBlock. Throughout the campaign, a microsite served as a social network for auto enthusiasts and NST sent out prizes to those who posted the best content.


43.7 million viewers reached by mentions on Spike TV’s PowerBlock shows.

2.35 million impressions garnered through radio promotions with 15 stations.

20,040 consumers directly interacted with by tour crew.

16,796 new WD-40 Fan Club members gained.