TEDxMonumento258 Binational Relations Campaign


Nuffer, Smith, Tucker was tasked with developing and implementing a public relations plan to position TEDxMonumento258 as the organization driving the conversation about the San Diego/Tijuana binational community. In August 2015, TEDxMonumento258 would host an event that simultaneously took place on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border – the first ever of its kind.

NST positioned the event as a conversation piece around improving collaboration throughout the border region in San Diego and Tijuana, and highlighted the TEDx organization as presenting "ideas worth spreading." Prior to the event, media outreach to residents in Mexico and the U.S. encouraged audiences to live stream TEDxMonumento258, and the TEDxMonumento258 website was established as the premiere place to stream the event and view the talks post-event.


The event received binational media coverage from border-focused outlets like, Frontera San Diego, Televisa San Diego, The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Red, KPBS, Uniradio and Univision.

14 broadcast and print media outlets featured the event, encouraging live streaming.

The event garnered post-event coverage on CNN’s iReport and through the Associated Press, sharing the event’s uniqueness and significance to the San Diego-Tijuana border community.

700,000 impressions were generated on websites and blogs.