National Media Placements for Real Christmas Trees


Building on six years of successful consumer outreach, The Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association engaged Nuffer, Smith, Tucker to continue momentum into the 2012 holiday season and establish positive perceptions about real Christmas trees.

Based on NST’s extensive experience with promotion of agricultural products and its history with PNWCTA, the agency prepared to provide journalists with much-coveted purchase and care tips, which continued to be a hot topic for the media.

Providing those key messages was Mike Bondi, professor of forestry from Oregon State University and long-time PNWCTA spokesperson. With his deep knowledge and close relationships with the association and its member farms, NST continued to position Bondi as the expert resource for journalists and consumers alike. After many seasons of positioning Bondi as the industry expert, media outlets have come to recognize – and ask for – his expertise, and the 2012 season was no exception.

In addition to regional news coverage secured by NST, national magazine Real Simple and West Coast magazine Sunset interviewed Bondi for holiday related articles that included information about real Christmas trees, reiterating the strong recognition NST has created for Bondi through successful media relations.


25,245,922 impressions through national lifestyle magazines’ print issues, content sharing through media partnerships and subsequent online postings.

Real Simple magazine and CNN Living featured the 12-page, color article including a vertical picture of a real Christmas tree that Bondi consulted on for correct information.

Sunset magazine interviewed Bondi for a six-page feature story comparing real and artificial Christmas trees, with one full page highlighting a real Oregon Christmas tree grower.