Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association


Having provided media relations strategy and outreach with the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association (PNWCTA) since 2007, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker keenly understands the goal of communicating the benefits of real Christmas trees to end-users in order to combat increased threats from artificial trees.

Building upon key messages of tradition, affordability and sustainability, and taking into consideration societal issues, NST created campaign messages highlighting the idea of creating long-lasting memories and traditions. Tactics included outreach to media markets in the Southwest region of the U.S., English- and Spanish-language media tours, as well as expanding PNWCTA’s digital presence to encourage direct communication with customers.

Long-time spokesperson Mike Bondi, a professor from Oregon State University (OSU), was offered as an expert source. In 2011, a Spanish-speaking OSU professor was identified, allowing NST to reach Hispanics directly, a large demographic in key markets. With their connection to OSU, both experts offered additional third-party credibility to PNWCTA messaging – a NST strategy that has been fruitful for many years now.

With steady growth of the PNWCTA Twitter account, NST recommended creating a Facebook account to capitalize on engaging with potential customers through their love of real Christmas trees, and rounded out an updated 2011 social media strategy focusing on direct communication to position PNWCTA as the source for information on real Christmas trees.


30,228,359 estimated impressions through print, online and broadcast mediums

4,501 initial "Likes" of the newly established PNWCTA affinity Facebook page in under three months

Eight English and Spanish broadcast TV segments scheduled in-studio and on-site at member retail lots in target markets