Ocean Mist Farms Website Refresh


Nuffer, Smith, Tucker originally worked with Ocean Mist Farms to design a website aimed at growing demand for artichokes and educating people about artichoke preparation. After two years, the site was performing well, and OMF and NST wanted to take it to the next level.

At the end of 2009, NST surveyed OMF’s online affinity club members, assessed the current site and determined it needed a way for consumers to communicate with OMF and increase two-way dialogue. NST also recognized video as a powerful tool to help educate consumers about artichoke preparation and uses, a key objective for the website.

NST added social media icons and links throughout the site and the "Share This" application to make content easily sharable. Previously text-heavy sections of the website were reworked, and a clean directory of images and a sub-directory improved ease of site navigation.

NST added video to many of the pages as a way to illustrate complex instructions visually and quickly. The team revamped the recipe section, allowing consumers to rate and review recipes and submit their own recipes, and updated recipe search capabilities. The trade section was updated to allow retailers to order point of sale materials and the press room was updated so logos and images can be downloaded.


After the updates, web statistics increased substantially. NST compared May 2009 statistics to May 2010 statistics and there was a:
- 37% increase in unique visitors
- 39% increase in average session length
- 40% increase in average page views per visit
- 500% increase in video views
- 91% increase in club members