Henry’s Marketplace Name Change


Changing a company name with local recognition going back five decades is not to be taken lightly. When leaders of Boney’s Market, a 13-store grocery chain, were considering this move, they approached Nuffer, Smith, Tucker to help strategically guide them through the name change process.

NST and Boney’s leadership faced four major challenges:

  1. 1) customer opposition;
  2. 2) family disagreement making change necessary;
  3. 3) a name that wouldn’t "travel" out of county;
  4. 4) generating media interest for prosaic news.

NST strategy included: research to flesh out opportunities and challenges, and determine customer profile and current attitudes; a customer name-change contest; "it’s time we’re on a first-name basis" collateral materials; and a promotional campaign leading up to a name unveiling ceremony featuring patriarch, Henry Boney.


Event generated more than 50 media placements.

More than 300 citizens attended.

All San Diego TV and radio news stations covered story on prime time.

More than 40 print articles appeared.

Henry’s reported steady sales (no drop in traffic or revenue) during two-month transition period following name change.