GTE-US Sprint


When deregulation of the telecommunications industry occurred, AT&T dominated the marketplace with 94 percent market share. GTE-US Sprint was overshadowed by AT&T, which outranked its competitors in number of customers, positioning with state and national legislative and regulatory bodies, and coverage in major news stories on telecommunications.

Nuffer, Smith, Tucker assisted in the development of GTE-US Sprint’s first proactive public relations program designed to create awareness for the company as one of the major long distance carriers and stall the deregulation of AT&T. Media relations, and consumer and industry coalition building were initiated to support legislative and regulatory initiatives.


GTE-US Sprint increased its positioning in major telecommunications stories from 23 percent to 97 percent.

Legislation in 25 states was defeated or postponed.

Nine states introduced or passed laws maintaining a slow deregulatory pace.

Congress delayed consideration of many bills intended to affect degrees of deregulation of AT&T and "freeing" of the Regional Bell Operating Companies.