Granite Gold Product Launch


Consumers spend thousands of dollars each year upgrading kitchen countertops with granite and natural stone yet clean these surfaces with everyday household cleaning products. Consumers were unaware that using these products can actually damage granite and natural stone surfaces, eventually leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Granite Gold launched a market-to-market media relations campaign that quickly became a national public relations and advertising effort led by Nuffer, Smith, Tucker.

Using key messages obtained from research findings and featuring a brand new packaging concept, NST initiated a comprehensive nationwide media relations campaign to consumer and trade publications. Other elements included:

  • Support at the nation’s top industry and consumer retail exhibitions
  • Matte releases, a creative media kit and radio promotion development
  • Strategic partnership development and facilitation with appropriate radio and/or TV outlets that would help Granite Gold reach its goals
  • Providing strategic direction, copywriting and technical support for the creation of Granite Gold’s new website
  • Trade advertising development and placement
  • Direct marketing and promotional efforts with consumer retailers


Placement of product in Costco stores, 500 Albertsons stores, 150 Smart & Final stores and 125 Fred Meyer stores

39 booth appointments at three of Granite Gold’s most important shows with media representatives

2 million headline impressions