Fleet Week San Diego Event Publicity


For eight years, in a joint effort with military public affairs departments, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker coordinated the public relations efforts surrounding Fleet Week San Diego, a series of up to 20 events designed to honor military personnel for dedication on the battlefield and in the community.

During this time, the U.S. was involved in a number of high-profile operations and wars in the Middle East and throughout the world. Against the backdrop of a nation at war, and with many men and women still overseas, NST was charged with promoting community events that celebrated a heightened sense of patriotism, but were also sensitive to the communication of the Fleet Week message.

For the duration of Fleet Week, NST conducted media outreach to local, regional and national outlets; coordinated spokespeople for each event; developed agreements with local media partners; and worked with military public affairs officers to secure local stories about exemplary military personnel.

While media coverage often surpassed expectations, most importantly this coverage incorporated the "big picture" of Fleet Week, going beyond event details and on-site coverage to communicating the Fleet Week mission.


100,000 attendees – consistently broke attendance records for major events like the marquee Sea-N-Air Parade (2003)

$15,000 – Fleet Week Foundation was able to donate funds to local nonprofit organizations that support the military and their families (2003)

372 media placements – Television, print, online and radio coverage included local and regional outlets (2002)