Chicken of the Sea Funniest Kids Quotes Contest


In 2011, Chicken of the Sea launched a digital advertising campaign, which brought the brand’s iconic Mermaid to life via digital ads and through social networking. One component of this campaign was an online commercial with a little boy asking the Mermaid "why?" over and over again.

Playing off of the commercial’s theme and to further engage with consumers, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker developed a campaign for Facebook called the Chicken of the Sea Funniest Kids Quotes Contest™, which asked consumers to share the funny things their children say for a chance to win a family vacation to a Disney theme park, $1,000 or $500. NST hosted the contest on Chicken of the Sea’s Facebook fan page to encourage greater social interaction with the brand’s page.

Once voting started, NST encouraged all contest entrants to run their own grassroots marketing campaigns to ask their own Facebook friends to vote for their entry. The grand-prize winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of the contest were determined by popular public vote.

NST also coordinated weekly giveaways to contest entrants as a way to encourage people to keep visiting the brand’s Facebook page throughout the contest. In addition, NST conducted outreach to mommy bloggers and the Chicken of the Sea Mermaid Club to gain greater participation and solicit a larger reach.


3,874 contest entries were submitted

32,656 total votes were cast

71,149 visits to the contest’s Facebook tab

500 percent growth in Chicken of the Sea’s Facebook fan base – from 15,000 to more than 91,000 at the conclusion of the contest

87 online articles and 3.7 million impressions as a result of blogger outreach