California State Society of Orthodontists Bite Down Early Campaign


Spotting early problems with teeth alignment helps orthodontists choose the best time to start treatment. This is why the California State Society of Orthodontists wanted parents to know that all kids should receive an orthodontic exam by age seven. Nuffer, Smith, Tucker was asked to help create and implement phase one of the organization’s public education campaign “Bite Down Early” to help raise awareness and create behavior change with parents and their children about orthodontist visits. NST took key members of CSSO through its proprietary Compass planning process to create a strategic plan for the organization’s initial public education campaign.

After Compass planning was completed and a positioning platform and key messages were established, the public awareness campaign was launched. NST spearheaded a statewide media tour based on a strategy of building support for orthodontic exams for all children. NST also created a “Bite Down Early” home detection kit offered free to parents and conducted media training for orthodontists to be spokespersons for the campaign.


The "Bite Down Early" campaign was received extremely well by media – particularly radio and TV – and resulted in broad, positive media exposure for the orthodontists NST trained to be spokespersons.

A positive response was received from California parents who heard and/or saw news stories offering the free in-home detection kit.

Parents who requested the home detection kit, as well as the parents who elected to contact an orthodontist directly without the kit, translated into new patients for CSSO-member orthodontists.