California Dietetic Association Statewide Media Campaign


The California Dietetic Association was suffering from an image problem. They were seen by consumers as "restrictive," "inflexible" and the "don’t" police, and were thought to only help "sick" people. The organization approached Nuffer, Smith, Tucker with the challenge to change the image of the organization and the role of a registered dietitian, while creating a greater understanding for CDA’s mission.

After conducting a thorough planning workshop, NST recognized an opportunity to use timely health and nutrition news to gain exposure for CDA and appeal to the California consumer’s everyday nutrition needs.

The first-ever ongoing media campaign for a dietetic association began and was conducted three times a year using a visible nutrition topic as the media hook. For each of the tours, brochures were developed for the spokesperson to offer to readers/listeners during his or her interviews. Some of the successful campaign topics included anorexia, snacking, guide to the recommended daily allowances, nutrition survival plan, overweight children and weight problems.


Up to 80 media outlets, including television, radio and print, ran interviews or articles for each of the media tours.

Following NST’s initial partnership, CDA approached NST again in 2012 to help it re-energize the media campaign program and train new registered dietitians to be successful association spokespeople.