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What’s the Future of Your Impact?

“This won’t be safe. This will be uncomfortable.”

It’s hard to imagine these remarks igniting a wave of enthusiasm, but that’s exactly what they did for the 56 participants in LEAD San Diego’s IMPACT Class of 2012-2013.

The group gathered in late September for its first session, which focused on community leadership 101 and self-awareness.

Dr. Jackie Freiberg, author and leadership expert, explained that while the road to becoming a skilled leader may not always be comfortable, it’s stepping outside the safe zone that will allow us to explore the opportunities we may not have otherwise seen.

Similarly, Kevin Crawford, author and chief of the Carlsbad Fire Department, spoke about leadership mastery being the mastery of thought, and it’s the thoughts we impose on ourselves that can be powerful tools to limiting or unlocking our potential.

The inaugural session of LEAD San Diego’s IMPACT Class of 2013 began with a day of discussion on self-awareness and leadership.

The cohort received a heavy dose of self-awareness through its Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Tests reports conducted by University of San Diego’s Dr. George Reed. In addition to understanding more about our personalities and how we approach decisions, Dr. Reed explained that a better understanding of our personal realities can help us influence others in a positive way.

Freiberg also issued, what I considered to be, a leadership challenge of sorts – know yourself, grow yourself and draw others up – and the IMPACT San Diego program will serve as a knowledgeable guide on our journey.

Just as any journey needs a destination, so does our mission to becoming skilled leaders. Freiberg spoke about leadership as a legacy and encouraged the cohort to examine what the future of our impact will look like – what’s the vision or destination we’re working toward.

While the cohort may not have a vision of their legacy set in stone just yet, I’m honored and eager to share this experience that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on us as individuals, our community and the region.

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