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Three Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming NST’s Newest Account Coordinator

Me for post The New Year has arrived and as the spring semester approaches it is strange to think that I won’t be planning my schedule, registering for classes or purchasing books. Graduation is something most students can’t wait to accomplish; however, no one warns you of the nostalgia that comes with graduating.

I’m going to miss working on projects in the Love Library on campus at San Diego State University, drinking coffee on my way to class and having great conversations with the amazing professors. But with the New Year comes new opportunities, and this year, I look forward to working on strategic programs that will help brands connect with their communities, drinking coffee on my way to work and having great conversations with the amazing team members at NST.

As a recent graduate and new PR pro, I’m quickly learning what is needed to be successful in this industry. First being an intern and now an account coordinator, I can’t help but think of three major lessons I’ve learned so far that I will employ in 2015.

  • Always explore new and improved ways to increase your professional development. Whether it is reading, writing or studying up on the latest industry and media trends, continuing your education is necessary to be successful in PR and is vital in understanding why certain strategies are employed for successful public relations practices.
  • Manage time efficiently. And know your limits. You never want to overpromise or take on too many projects at one time because you won’t be able to deliver a quality product on a tight deadline, at least without killing yourself. Managing expectations, including your own, is key.
  • Network. As I begin my career in this industry, I look forward to joining groups like PRSA’s New Professionals Group and other organizations within San Diego. Building relationships within our industry and within the San Diego community is key to fostering great communication skills. Maintaining those relationships is also key.

It’s a New Year, and being a part of the Nuffer, Smith, Tucker team is a great way to start. I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for the public relations industry, myself and my NST family.

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