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Thinking Outside (or Inside) the Box

Think Outside The Box As technology continues to be a centerpiece in our lives and brands’ communication tactics become increasingly complex, NST recently stumbled on some refreshingly simple campaigns that reminded us of the old adage “Keep it simple, stupid.”

When Ikea decided to promote its latest catalog, they did something ingenious. They went back to the basics and showed us why a traditional catalog provides all the “tactile” features we often miss when using our beloved tech devices. I love that in their parody they touch on the great design of Apple and others, but take us back to simpler times. Ikea did a great job of reminding us that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Another great example of thinking inside the box is Pizza Hut’s latest press release, “’There’s bacon. In the crust! You’re welcome, America!’ said country music superstar and Stuffed Crust pizza aficionado Blake Shelton.” In just 19 words, Pizza Hut managed to get the message out. It pretty much tells it all.

Who do you think has really been in or out of the box in an effective way lately?

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