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They’re Back…

twinkies2013Snack cake aficionados rejoice! Next month, the recently retired Hostess Twinkie returns to store shelves – after a near one-year absence – in all of its golden, spongy, cream-filled glory. Acquired in a $410 million buyout by Apollo Global Management, the Twinkie must now win back its once loyal contingency (500 million cakes sold annually) of snack cake connoisseurs – or “sink” trying.

Even with a robust “Prepare Your Cakeface” integrated marketing program in place for the renascent Twinkie, many marketers are wondering if a rebranding resurrection of the neat-to-eat treat is in the cards – or cream filling. With a new batch of snack cake competitors that have “risen” during Twinkie’s brief “bake-cation” and increasing nutritional scrutiny from the millennial consumer, Hostess may be facing a confectionery brand challenge that golden nostalgia injected with fluffy digital marketing, social media and traditional advertising efforts can’t fully overcome. For the Hostess Twinkie rebranding campaign to succeed, a strategic branding platform and marketing communications strategy is imperative.

Read more about “The sweetest comeback in the history of ever,” in the recent Adweek story by Robert Klara:

Although not always as sweet as the Hostess Twinkie campaign, NST has navigated clients through diverse branding challenges and we’re eager to see what the Twinkie team whips up.

And who knows, maybe a successful Twinkie resurrection will bring back the incomparable Hostess Chocodile? One can dream …

Tell us – are you excited for the return of the Twinkie?

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