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The World’s Gone Mobile. Has Your Marketing?

People are increasingly turning to mobile media for content, commerce and communication, yet many marketers are still cautious about committing budget to mobile marketing. Smart marketers should be integrating mobile strategies into their digital efforts and at retail so their brand’s presence can integrate into consumers’ mobile lifestyles – but it’s just not happening yet.

From what I’ve been reading lately, many marketers seem afraid to commit time, talent and treasure towards this new area instead of discussing mobile integration and allocating budgets accordingly. But can you afford to be left behind and let your competitors figure out what works in mobile first?  Consider this:

If we know where more people are going to be accessing the Internet, that people will be spending more time getting information there, and that they will be more likely to act quicker on the information they receive when they access it via mobile, why aren’t we focusing more of our marketing efforts there?

If you’re looking for a partner to help you think through how your marketing efforts can align with today’s technology and anticipate for the future, NST’s here for you. Let’s have a conversation.

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