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The Success of Football Ads Really Depends on Social Media

volkswagen ad

It is that time of year again when all the fun in advertising starts for the big game. We will soon be exposed to both the best and worst in advertising as the impending Feb. 1 date nears. Lately, however, social media plays an even greater role on the success or failure of a Super Bowl ad, dependent upon the amount of likes or shares each one receives in social media. According to USA Today, the success of an ad isn’t measured on the amount of viewers watching the game, but rather the amount of viewers re-watching the video on social media.

The influence of social media shows how creative content is even more crucial in the preparation of advertisements to ensure that consumers will not only watch the ad, but also engage with it by sharing their favorites with friends.

This USA Today article claims that the most shared ad on social media last year was Volkswagen’s "The Force". However, our personal favorite at NST was Radioshack’s “1980s Throwback“. What ads were most memorable for you last year? Which ones are you looking forward to this year?

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