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The Most Overused Buzzwords in the PR and Digital Media Industries

Clickability! Brand Equity! Although many of us despise jargon, we are all guilty of using buzzwords when pitching a potential client or media contact to make us sound smarter. I love a good infographic and these two certainly deliver.

The first infographic, created by Pressat, outlines the most overused buzzwords in public relations. You’ll want to avoid using these words so your media story doesn’t get caught in the “fluff.”

If you have ever sat in on a digital marketing meeting and felt that the entire time they were speaking a different language, you will enjoy the second infographic compiled by the folks at Mashable.

Check out the infographics and let us know if you have any words or catch phrases you think should be added:

Most Overused Buzzwords in Public Relations
30 Days of Buzzwords
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