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Staying Connected With Local Media

Since our business is based primarily on relationships, the NST staff periodically invites local reporters and media representatives to our offices for what we’ve dubbed, Brown Bag Lunches. It’s an informal, lunchtime roundtable discussion (with a strict no pitching rule – this is supposed to be educational, not a way to corner a poor unsuspecting journalist) to help us better understand the needs of local media outlets and learn how to work better together.

Touring one of the control rooms, where live and satellite feeds are brought into the station.
Getting a firsthand look at the 10News newsroom.

The conversation can cover a myriad of topics, including how outlets like to receive story ideas, best times to reach reporters, a clearer understanding of an outlet’s editorial philosophy, how story decisions are made and specific areas of interest.

A few weeks ago, after approaching San Diego’s ABC affiliate KGTV, we received an invite to come to the studio and sit down with assignment editor Brad McClellan. A small group of NSTers headed to the 10 News Studio, and after a thorough tour (including editing bays, control room, studio and meeting rooms), we sat down for a conversation with Brad to learn more about the station and how we as NST can help the station provide relevant news to their viewers.

We had a very engaging dialog and while I won’t spill all the top secret tips (psst, the best time to call the assignment desk is between 1 and 2 p.m.), we all came away with a deeper understanding of the station’s editorial philosophy and what opportunities are available for our clients.

A big thank you to Brad for taking the time to chat with us, as we know he had a good 8,000 email messages (no joke) to attend to after his recent week-long vacation.

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