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Social Media Questions Revealed: Attracting Facebook Followers

As an extension of the conversations started at Wine Wednesday, we will be answering your burning social media questions on a regular basis. Got a question for us? Feel free to leave it in the comments below, send us an email or post it on our Facebook wall. Be sure to check back soon, because your question could be the next one we answer.

Bonnie asked the following question: How do you attract followers on Facebook without spending money on Facebook ads?

Answer: Many organizations are looking for ways to gain traction in social media with limited resources. In NST’s experience, purchasing Facebook ads can be a relatively low-cost way of gaining fans, but it is by no means the only way to up your number of followers.

Start by placing the link to your Facebook page on all of your organization’s communications platforms, both online and offline. Include it in email correspondence; place it on your website’s homepage and any other place your existing fan base is likely to see. Don’t forget the effects word-of-mouth can have – tell all employees, volunteers, and friends and family to spread the word, too.

It’s also important for your brand page to follow other pages – think of who your key stakeholders or gatekeepers are and have your brand page “like” them on Facebook. By engaging with pages that have a following similar to the fans you desire, you’ll be more likely to get some crossover “likes” on your page.

Offer Facebook-only specials, deals or promotions to your Facebook fans – like a coupon, discount code or important information – highlight that on your custom landing page. Give potential fans an incentive to “like” your brand’s page, and you’ll likely see an increase in your followers.

Lastly, remember to be strategic and consistent in your Facebook posting. Your existing and potential fans will want to see that they receive access to valuable content by visiting your page. Post updates regularly and engage with fans to keep them interested in what you have to say. What information do your fans like? Review your Facebook page analytics on a regular basis to find out what content gets the most likes and comments. This will help guide the content on your page so you are posting engaging information your followers want to read.

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