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Social Fresh WEST Conference Comes to San Diego


At Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, we create tailored, strategic social media plans, content and engagement strategies for our clients, and so we understand the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest trends, platform updates, content creation opportunities and advertising options within the social sphere. That’s why we are not only attending the 2014 Social Fresh WEST Conference, we are partnering with the organization to encourage our client and community partners to attend. Check out the guest blog post below from Jason Yarborough, director of strategy at Social Fresh, to learn more about the event. Then go to and use the code NST100off to get $100 off the price of your ticket. We hope to see you there!

Three Digital Marketing Presentations You Cannot Miss
By Jason Yarborough, director of strategy
Social Fresh

Social Fresh WEST Conference, a top social media marketing conference, is back in San Diego for the third year. Nuffer, Smith, Tucker has been excited to partner with Social Fresh in the past and we are proud to partner with NST again this year as we’ve stepped things up a bit.

Social Fresh is where the serious social marketers come to network with their peers and stay on the bleeding edge of a fast-paced industry. What makes the Social Fresh Conference a top social media conference? The advanced content we present on stage and the quality of our attendees. The average Social Fresh attendee has been working in social for more than five years. It is the most advanced social marketing conference you will attend.

The conference consists of one single track. All attendees in the same room, all speakers on the same stage. They curate so you don’t have to.

And Social Fresh doesn’t do panels.

Each speaker owns the stage and they get a maximum of 25 minutes for their session – not an hour – forcing them to focus on specific topics and drop the fluff – similar to a TED conference.

This year’s presenters include Peter Shankman, Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Sarah Evans, Jason Keath, Arby’s, HP, University of Southern California, Lilly Pulitzer, TV Land, HTC, Oracle, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Here are just three of the sessions we’re excited for our attendees to see.

1. The Secret To Truly Effective Social Media Marketing
Brian Clark of CopyBlogger

brian clark Traditional marketing tends to crash and burn when it comes to social media (and increasingly, everywhere else). So what if the secret to effective social media marketing isn’t marketing at all? In this presentation, Copyblogger Media Founder and CEO Brian Clark shares with you a methodology that accomplishes what marketing is supposed to do by giving people what they want instead of what they want to avoid.

2. The Value of Long-Form and Higher Quality Content
Paula Berg of HP

Paula-Berg Whether launching a product for a start-up, or working for a massive consumer or B2B brand, content marketing now has a firm place in the digital marketer’s toolkit. But are we creating enough long-form and high quality content? Join Paula Berg as she talks about how she is creating long-form content for HP and other examples of how higher quality content can work for your business.

3. Digital Marketing Lessons From Kickstarter
Clay Hebert of Crowdfunding Hacks

clay hebert Storytelling. Pricing. Scarcity. Urgency. Simplicity. And more. Clay has helped more than 60 entrepreneurs raise more than $8 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have completely changed how creative projects get launched and funded. The crowdfunding industry has tripled in the last three years to more than $5.1 billion. In this interactive tour through a series of interesting crowdfunding projects, Clay will show you the tactics that worked and how you can steal them for your own campaigns.

Our partner, the Omni San Diego Downtown is hosting this year’s conference. The four-diamond resort towers over the San Diego skyline and is the only hotel in the country connected to a major league ballpark. It is in the heart of downtown San Diego where attendees can walk to restaurants, bars and shopping. The hotel’s pool, cabanas and delightful food will keep the fun going outside of the conference sessions.

Come to learn. Come to network with industry leaders. Come to get inspired. Come to break open your career. Come to win clients. Come to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Come to Social Fresh WEST 2014, up your game and join your peers as one of THE industry leaders in social marketing.

Have questions? Email us

I look forward to seeing you at the event!

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