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Shoppers Want Healthy Food That Supports the Environment

In a recent article for The Packer, NST’s CEO Kerry Tucker and Bill Bishop, chief architect for Brick Meets Click, highlight a recent Food Foresight trend: an increasing numbers of shoppers are making more intentional decisions to buy food that is healthier and supports the environment.

Tucker and Bishop explain that consumers are looking for more detailed information about the food they buy, such as what it is, and how and where it was produced. Two consumer segments are growing and creating great opportunities for produce marketers, in particular:

  • Those who have difficulty affording to put food on the table but still want and need to get the most nutrition for the money.
  • Those who define food as part of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, with cost remaining a consideration, but not the only one, as they are more open to paying extra for something that is better.

Read the complete article for more details and insight on how produce companies can take advantage of this emerging trend.

Food Foresight provides trends intelligence for anticipating, planning for, and managing trends/issues likely to impact the agri-food chain. It is a collaboration of NST and the California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research at University of California, Davis.

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