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PR Releases Packed with Leaders Providing Solutions

In looking for new content for a speech on jargon later this month, I set up news trackers to see how all the leaders of the world were doing in providing seamless, end-to-end, leading edge, next generation, turnkey solutions to whatever niche they serve. Amazingly, the results mirror those from the first similar survey a decade ago and five subsequent tracking surveys. Every other release on Business Wire and PR Newswire comes from a leader and most of them are selling solutions, rather than specific products or well-defined services.

David Meerman Scott in his Gobbledygook surveys and others, including yours truly, have written about this extensively. For this exercise, I’ve pulled a few choice clauses from PR news releases and company boilerplates and inserted them below without attribution. Since they are all leaders, instant name identification should be easy. I do identify one company, because it deserves recognition for hitting the Trifecta, incorporating three great terms disliked by most media into its boilerplate: leading provider, seamless solutions and performance-driven.

The Trifecta!

AccountNet is a leading solutions and professional services provider focused on the financial and government sectors. AccountNet creates performance-driven, seamless solutions that add considerable value, and utilizes proven system-integration methodologies and expertise to help clients capitalize on their existing infrastructures successfully and cost effectively

Whew. What are they selling?

Now, on to more leaders in many niches, with a few comments for the good of the order. And if you can identify any of these, post a comment on our Facebook page.

  • The world’s leading provider of high-quality lenticular large format and custom-printed plastics
  • Creates performance-driven, seamless solutions that add considerable value (the daily double)
  • (The company) goal is to be an end-to-end service provider to its customers by furnishing customized and integrated “turn-key” solutions
  • A leading provider of affordable easy-to-use enterprise-class systems management software as a service
  • An industry-leading provider of end-to-end web hosting services (they could be seamless, too!)
  • An impressive suite of proprietary products and services to create seamless solutions that meet each client’s highly specific needs (meeting unspecific needs wouldn’t work that well)
  • Leading provider of email traffic shaping software (my email is in bad shape; I could use a seamless solution from these guys to get it into shape)
  • A leading provider of electronic engines for the optically connected digital world (would love to know more about this niche!)
  • The nation’s leading provider of cleaner electricity and carbon offset solutions (wonder if the leader in dirty electricity can use some PR help)
  • The leading provider of turnkey virtual communications and virtual office solutions (we could use some real solutions)
  • World’s leading provider of WiMAX™ and wireless broadband solutions
  • A leading provider of advanced font products
  • A leading provider of hip-hop ring tones and mobile content (probably a crowded market where leadership is critical to success)
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