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Piecing together the content puzzle

As communications professionals, we’ve all heard the “Content is King” adage, and as I was recently reminded: not just any content will do. Segmenting your content by audience can make or break successful marketing campaigns. Although research on your target audiences may be a lengthy and costly step, it’s crucial in order to build credibility and turn consumers into loyal customers or brand advocates.

Jay Baer, notable social media and content strategist, presented the webinar “‘Sorta Interested’ to ‘Hell Yeah’: Using Focused Content to Convert Customers with Nuffer, Smith, Tucker’s fellow WORLDCOM Public Relations Group partner firm Off Madison Ave. Baer reminds us that “content doesn’t win just because it exists,” and offers the following ways of content segmentation:

  1. Persona: Whom is your content for? Make sure you are creating content that directly pertains to your target audience.
  2. Life Cycle: Where are these people in their life cycle or the buyer’s journey? Different ages, lifestyles and perceptions will require different calls to action.
  3. Channel: Where – through what medium – will your content exist? And if you’re segmenting your content by audience life cycle, don’t forget to take into account how people consume content in different stages of their life.

It’s not just about creating content, according to Baer, but rather the right content, for the right person, at the right time, through the right channel.

That’s an intricate puzzle to effectively put together, but that’s part of the reason we enjoy our jobs so much, right?

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