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Our Fearless Professional Development Leader, Price

Professional development is important for any successful individual and company. It’s a key focus for us here at Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, and something our own Price Arnett is being recognized for with the Tiki Token.

Price is tasked with coordinating NST’s professional development opportunities.

As an office, we have bi-monthly lunch sessions which focus on a variety of topics – from emerging social media technologies to understanding and creating budgets – that are presented by both outside expert parties and knowledgeable NST staff members. Not only does Price coordinate the schedule and speakers for the year, she’s an open and approachable team member, always willing to answer questions and help others as they embark on a new project. I experienced this first hand when Price walked me through developing a website and how to work with our in-house creative team on graphic design or interactive projects.

We salute you, Price, and thank you for your dedication to making sure we are continuously learning and staying on top of our game!

The NST Tiki Token is given to a staff member who has done an extraordinary job the week prior or who may need a little extra support in the coming week. The Tiki Token winner from the week prior designates the new recipient during our Monday morning staff meeting.

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