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NST Opens a New Chapter

LibraryNST has a long history of involvement with exciting and meaningful projects in San Diego. In nearly 40 years as a firm, our team has provided support for major events like Super Bowls, America’s Cups, MLB All-Star games as well as launches and initiatives for new hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, the San Diego Trolley, and downtown’s redevelopment renaissance.

In late September, our team was involved in another important San Diego project that not only changed the face of our skyline, but will also have a lasting impact on our city for future generations – the opening of the new San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. While it was talked about for more than 30 years, we now see the building everyday from our office windows and look with pride at how it is helping redefine our city.

NST was proud to work collaboratively with the San Diego Public Library Foundation and the City of San Diego to help generate awareness about this great facility. In today’s challenging economic environment, thousands of San Diegans came forward to support the library through the purchase of bricks and large donations. All told, more than $75 million was raised through private donations, making it one of the largest public-private partnerships funding a U.S. municipal project.

With a dome larger than the U.S. Capitol building, a collection of more than 1.3 million books, and e3 Civic High – the nation’s first public high school located inside a library – it’s so much more than a building with books. It’s truly a community gathering spot; a center for arts and culture (with a 350-seat auditorium and more than 150 public art pieces throughout the building); a hub of innovative technology (including more than 400 computers, 300 digital devices and 3-D printers); and with a Career Development Center inside, a place to help people find jobs.

We feel fortunate to have been a part of the historic opening of the San Diego Central Library by helping them to build relationships and broadly share their story, and we look forward to staying involved with our new neighbor.

We encourage everyone to visit and explore the library to see just how dynamic this building is and what unique resources it provides.

What exciting story do you have to tell? We’d love to help you write that next chapter.

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